The SUB 1 brought home performance that bested what I could get in the theater and never disappointed. If this fine subwoofer is within your financial means you would be remiss to not give it an audition. I heard a nicely sweet string sound, with excellent articulation of brass. Or, I should clarify: they leave this reviewer wanting for nothing. The Best of High End 2015 -- Loudspeakers. Indeed, this is a cleverly balanced and involving design that ultimately lets the music do the talking. -- Ross Jones, Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity, Paradigm 60-SM Rock Monitor Speaker System Review. You are going to have to spend significantly more to best them if you're shopping for a complete 5.1 speaker system package. -- Jared Rachwalski, Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity, Paradigm Monitor 7 and UltraCube 10 Review. The Soundscape also goes substantially lower than a lot of other soundbars... if you value dynamics, bass extension, and overall sound quality first, you'll be well rewarded. While I certainly can't afford one ' the SUB 2 deserves to be on the short list of anyone who can. Paradigm Decor 2S and 1C On-Wall Speakers Reviewed, Paradigm Premier Speaker System with X12 Subwoofer Review. Looking to get 8" round in ceiling speakers for a larger room. It brings back the “what matters most” of the hobby: People enjoying music and movies, not sweating whether their gear sounds good… because it does. After hearing the Paradigm Signature ADP's and 1.5R-30's with 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, I am a firm believer in its ability to envelop the viewer in the movie's sound and music. Paradigm Studio v.5 Series (Studio 100,CC-690,ADP-590,SUB 15) Review, Paradigm Reference Signature Series 5.1 (S6,C3,ADP,SUB 1) Review. He felt that giving the speaker a Reviewers' Choice award was thus 'a foregone conclusion.' the installation of these speakers to take, at least, 4-5 hours…. I feel the music as much as I hear it. The v.5 is still a Paradigm Reference Studio, but more enjoyable in every way than its predecessor. Major props to Paradigm for that. That grip was so absolute that it sometimes felt as if the Sub 1 was directly coupled to my room; no matter how loudly I played it, the bass was evenly distributed, with little, if any, distortion. The SE 1 and SE SUB don't just sound like far more expensive products'they also look like 'em. Paradigm Prestige 1000SW Subwoofer Review. Paradigm Persona 9H Loudspeaker: Sleek, Sophisticated, Stylish. The Paradigm concept had dynamics in abundance, with easygoing and sailing high-frequency performance'Great things appear to be just over the horizon, then, for Paradigm. Paradigm Prestige 75F Floorstanding Speaker System Review. The SUB 15 offers all the powerful bass and extension needed for any music and, indeed, for home theater. Now, we know that terms ”impeccable craftmanship” or ”dazzling design” are clichés but there’s no better way to describe their appearance. That’s particularly true with regards to their quite astonishing transparency (given their size and conventional transducers), but also holds true as far as their linear tonality, low-frequency extension and soundstage scale are concerned. The Paradigm Reference Studio 10 v.5 bookshelf speakers are overachievers in almost every respect. I've heard a lot of Paradigm speakers over the years and if the 75Fs are a good representation of the series, I'm comfortable calling the Prestiges the best speakers the company has ever engineered. -- Brent Butterworth, Home Theater Review, Play-Fi challenges Sonos on multi-room audio | Logged On. I've found my new reference. Though the true strength of this system is in the home theater, it reproduces music just as well if not better than anything else I've heard in the price range. The Cinema 100 is more than capable in small to medium rooms, but what sets it apart is how comfortable the system is with music. Soundscape includes four built-in low-frequency speakers for deep bass. The Paradigm Persona 5F is easily one of the best performing speakers I’ve heard. I can't think of a better recommendation than that. The Studio 15 subwoofer does a phenomenal job in plumbing the depths of the audio range, reaching down to the bottom with authority' was tighter than I expected, tight enough to blend well with the main speakers, and could easily compete with most 12-inch subwoofers in terms of speed, yet had the additional low end for the off-the-charts bass that can easily become an addiction. But for me, the Prestige 95F presses all of the right buttons. If you can get away with slightly larger satellites, if you can get away with a subwoofer that doesn't need to slide behind your sofa, then here is a package that actually delivers a sound that feels like the floorstanding loudspeakers that you've already decided you can't shoe horn into your room. I was surprised - make that pleasantly surprised. Paradigm’s Premier 800F offers incredible sound quality, with a superclear midrange that made voices sound stunning, and enough well-integrated low frequencies to satisfy bass lovers -- nor does driving it require a ton of power. Well, now we know, and the Paradigm C5 is a killer. All of these pairs will help get the best possible sound quality from your source kit. The (True) Sound of Music Paradigm Studio 10 Reference Speaker (v.5). Implementing PBK just ices the cake. I found the Paradigms immensely rewarding in this application. The Paradigm SUB 2 Reference Signature subwoofer may be the best-measuring, self-enclosed, powered home cinema subwoofer ever made! Paradigm’s Persona B: Bigger than you expect... Everything comes together to perfection here: sound quality, ease of use and finish are all world class. The bottom line for me as a reviewer is my attitude towards the product at the end of the eval period. the E3m offered a relaxed and slightly darker persona, which lends to a smooth sound and allows for many hours of continuous, pleasurable listening, even at high volume levels...The E3m also often gave me the impression that I was listening to speakers in a room, rather than buds in my head. After months of listening to Paradigm’s newest musical spaceships, we’d be lying if we didn’t say that we now share an odd kinship with Ferrari owners. We can only surmise what the towers have in store for us. The Paradigm Prestige series combines state-of-the-art design, ingenious engineering, and superb build quality with voicing that I found cinematically and musically unerring. We have done our research for you guys. The soundstage that it can throw is impressively large and makes singling out individual singers and instruments quite easy. This is Paradigm's entry level 6-incher'!' But when I unboxed them, I was so impressed with the apparent quality of their cabinets and parts that I couldn’t resist hearing them. With this one, you need to be sure your house is structurally sound enough to withstand it. Even in the quietest of moments, the speaker never fails to positively teleport the subtlest of sounds into the room, with no loss of frequency dynamics or detail. It coaxed gobs of bass from the Monitors and was able to reach volume levels that were far beyond comfortable. It's an absolute Reference Status subwoofer, and I love it. The Millenia continues that tradition of exemplary sound can find plenty of competition in the three-channel plug-and-play realm, but you're just not going to find many that look and sound as good as the Paradigm. Speaker Wall Mounts, Pair of Universal Side Clamping Bookshelf Speaker Mounting Brackets, Large or Small Speakers, 2 Mounts, 55 Lbs Capacity, Black (MI-SB37). Paradigm has branched out from its self-imposed conventions in fabulous, Canadian-made style. And because Paradigm is a performance-first company, the Concept 4F is going to give some far more expensive speakers some sleepless nights... Munich High-End Audio 2015 show highlights and report part 3. If you're looking for a real taste of hi-fi sound in a pint-sized package and you've got the cash, Paradigm's Soundtrack is a no-brainer. If you've been living with a set of cheap 'computer' speakers, it's well worth your while to audition them. Paradigm Premier 7.1 Speaker System & Defiance X15 Sub Review. For the price, it’s about as perfect as a speaker can be. CanadaCPU wrote: ↑ My favorite speakers and I own 4 separate sets (mix of towers, surrounds, bookshelf, in-ceiling & subs), however just FYI you can walk into any Paradigm dealer (that I have ever dealt with anyway) and easily get 20-25% off MSRP any day of the week, so don't feel pressured. I haven't experienced another subwoofer that I think is as capable...Find a Sub 2 you can demo, and I think you'll come to the conclusion I have. Paradigm Millenia 20 Trio LCR Flat Screen Speaker System. Paradigm hit, with the introduction of its new Prestige series, a homerun, what do I say, a grand slam! All in all, these speakers can simply disappear and let the music or movie shine through to be enjoyed. Little did Jerry VanderMarel and Scott Bagby realize back in 1982 when they had an idea for a different type of Every subwoofer should have this feature! Signature S8s are It goes straight to the top of the 'speakers I'd love to get my mitts on' list. Reign of the Mini-Monitors II: Paradigm Premier 200B. In summary, the Premier 200B speakers worked with a powerful high-end amp, and a lower powered amp in a receiver. Outdoor speakers are not made for critical listening, but the Paradigm Rock Monitor (60-SM) made outdoor listening pleasant and effortless, whether playing music, talk, sports or news... the Rock Monitor will fit right into most gardens, planters and other outdoor spaces and won't even be noticed until it's turned on. The satellites deliver plenty of subtle detail with a great deal of weight...This package is a smooth and easy listen, with an attention to detail to marvel at. 807-345-2877 view hours. And living with the Seismic 110 sub continues to be a joy. The SA-25s are among the best sounding compact in-walls I've heard and they will certainly satisfy even the most critical audiophile. I'm a huge fan of LCR speaker designs for two reasons. But for TV and movies they were plenty of the top of my list for a secondary TV and light music system. Acoustically, the Persona 9H can out-muscle heavyweights twice its price. We have also added a buying guide. Paradigm Prestige 2000SW Subwoofer Reviewed. 10 808 Speaker Review 2020 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This! The Paradigm Shifts' sound is equally straightforward: dynamic, uncolored, and impressively extended. The Cinema 100 CT successfully trades a slight compromise in size, for a lot less of a compromise in performance and so should you. Keep the tweeter near or at ear level and you'll have a wonderful two-channel system that just happens to use in-walls instead of monitors or floor-standing loudspeakers, which may go over well with your significant other. Accessories. Be moved by it. The Millenia CT 2 is definitely worth a look for its sound quality and solid design, -- Francisco Licon, Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity, Paradigm Reference Signature SUB 2 Subwoofer. The Paradigm subwoofer produced deep, visceral bass that engaged the viewer in the story... Bass never sounded heavy or boomy, just low and tight with good extension and depth. I can do it with one word: phenomenal. Throw in the Perfect Bass Kit (or ARC if you have an Anthem processor), and quite frankly one of the best 12-inch subs I've heard in its class is elevated into another category altogether. Unlike other subs, you needn't worry about whether your associated gear is up to the challenge. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Whether it's classical, jazz, popular or even the latest summer blockbuster, they never fail. It has made working in the garden even more of a pleasure and having a spa to sooth the tired muscles even more relaxing. The CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. Legacy and Paradigm show that this promise is now really being kept.? During my time with Paradigm's Persona 7Fs, they consistently projected a wonderfully open, detailed, effortless top end capable of communicating vast amounts of space, balance, drive -- and, inevitably, emotion. -- Todd Anthony Puma, Residential Systems, Paradigm Millenia CT: 2.1 That Sounds Like A Million Bucks. It is of paramount importance that you cut out the right size hole in your drywall to install the SA-25 Most important, the speaker sounds remarkably robust in the bass for its size, exceedingly natural from the upper bass through the mids, and lively but extremely clean in the highs. Now you know. -- Jerry Del Colliano, The Monitor 90Ps have a very wide listening window, and are ideal for large, wide rooms... a remarkable reproducer especially for its price, with extrordinary imaging, a soundstage both wide and deep that you can listen right into. Paradigm has engineered a sound system of beauty and quality for an affordable price. Paradigm Signature Sub 2 Subwoofer Review. But it's on the technical side that the Concept 4F really stands out... Visually, technically, and sonically, I was blown away by the Concept 4F. A combination of sound and value, it extends the welcome mat to budding high-enders who may have felt they couldn't afford the entrance fee. I also incorporated the Studio Series complementary Sub 12 subwoofer into the surround-sound system, which provided more than enough bottom end to enhance the bookshelf-size front channels. Pyle 8.0” Ceiling Wall Mount Speakers - Pair of 2-Way Full Range Sound Stereo Speaker Audio System Flush Design w/ Electronic Crossover Network 40Hz-20kHz Frequency Response & 250 Watts Peak - … The Paradigm Prestige 1000SW is a reference quality subwoofer and comes highly recommended from Reference Home Theater. These speakers are designed with trickle-down technology that can only come from a top-level speaker company, and they're super-easy to drive with anything from a small audiophile amplifier to one of today's feature packed, yet highly affordable home theater AV receivers. Stereophile Recommended Component 2019: Class A, Paradigm Persona 5F Floorstanding Speaker Reviewed. Get power and versatility in a small package, the Klipsch R-15M bookshelf speakers pack a mean punch. Klipsch Reference Bookshelf speakers feature a rear-firing port that is perfectly match to the cabinet and drivers. I have no hesitation in recommending Paradigm's product to anyone hunting for a top-flight woofer. Avg. They not only sound the part but look it as well, with a modern yet still organic design that should satisfy any prospective owner for years to come. It provides a level of performance that had me amazed, given its price, simplicity and size. Grande Maîstrise et Raffinement / Great Mastery and Refinement [FRENCH]. 104). What’s outstanding about these speakers is the neutral presentation that’s cohesive and balanced. With a 25 year history of building products with a strong performance to value relationship, Paradigm has now proven its ability to improve a design several times over.'s amazing the amount of sheer performance and technology Paradigm has been able to squeeze into the diminutive S1s. Reference Signature S8 v3 Loudspeakers. If you're in the market for a soundbar and have a big budget to play with, the Soundscape is a worthy purchase thanks primarily to its sumptuous design and outstanding sound quality, which help justify the hefty price tag and earn it a Recommended badge. Boasting a 1' tweeter, 5.5' mid-woofer and oval bass port, the Studio 10s begin with clean, tight bass response, move into a strikingly precise mid-range, and top things off with flawless detail at the high end... you'd be hard pressed to find a better pair of speakers for breathing life and presence into your music collection. The CC-690 and ADP-590 speakers do their job very well... Paradigm has hit a home run with their new Studio Series v.5. The Paradigm SUB 2 may be one of the few subwoofers that can be properly mated with planar loudspeakers. The highest compliment I can pay Paradigm’s Monitor SE Atom is that I was unable to hear in its sound a single concession made to meet its low price point. The Paradigm Defiance V8 Subwoofer strikes me as an excellent addition to a small- to mid-sized 2-channel system or a humdinger of a sub for a desktop computer music system. I mounted one speaker in the ceiling on each side of my center couch. In fact, the robustly built SE Sub sounded much bigger than it is...If you're looking for a home-theater package that punches way above its competition while offering genuine tastes of high-end sound and looks, then Paradigm's new SE range deserves a serious look. Paradigm Millenia CT Compact Theater Review. It will blow away subwoofers that are bigger, heavier, and in some cases, more expensive. Throughout my time with the Persona 5Fs, their sound quality repeatedly sidetracked me from my job of critical analysis. They're smooth as glass, have awesome high-end performance, and rock deep in bass frequencies...these are amazing speakers...I was blown away. It's big, it's a little stupid, and it's the best commercial subwoofer I've ever encountered. Paradigm PW Soundbar / PW 600 Loudspeakers / Monitor Sub 8 Subwoofer. One big Stellar Sound Award for a pair of impressive, small speakers. There is a great alternative for audiophiles who don't want to compromise on performance, but who also don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money. Paradigm SA-25 Reference In-Wall Speakers Review. These Paradigm in-ceiling speakers definitely took my system into the next level of performance and high fidelity. Brushed black polymer veneer cabinet. It's ridiculous! I thought that the design of the sub was quite unique and certainly not your typical "big black box" on the floor. ...Spectacular...remarkably musically accomplished...crisp and fast with excellent decay...bass was as deep as I have become accustomed to with my far more expensive refrence system...this is a lot of system for the money. Paradigm’s 8” in ceiling subwoofer. Paradigm 30th Anniversary Inspiration Monitor. The Ultra Rigid mounting system firmly anchors and couples the speaker to the wall, no doubt contributing to its tight, well-defined bass response and the speaker's clarity, detail and transparency is outstanding. When customers choose . And when clients hear how great it sounds without requiring an extra black box, they'll likely consider it a bargain. The SUB 2 features what Paradigm calls Vibration-Canceling Design Architecture, and the design clearly delivers the goods. Big sound can come from small speakers: You just need a lot of power and a clever design. Paradigm MilleniaOne CT Powered 2.1 Speaker System: "Super Sound In a Small P, If ever there was a product deserving of the Everything Audio Network Stellar Sound Award, it is the Paradigm MilleniaOne CT speaker trio. Products of he Year: Paradigm Persona 7F Loudspeakers. Paradigm's Concept 4F loudspeaker is a genuinely ambitious project (conducted with partner electronics brand Anthem) sporting a 25mm beryllium tweeter, a 178mm beryllium midrange and two front and two rear-driving 216mm woofers in a vibration-reduction layout. Paradigm Soundtrack System Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer Reviewed. Then there’s that healthy dollop of bass extension down to about 50Hz. Comes at the end of paradigm ceiling speakers review Monitor 11 v.6 is no ex­cep­tion to the 700F ’ s sound all..., product Review: Paradigm Studio 100 and Studio CC-590: my new speaker! Well-Balanced design with how articulate and instruments quite easy ( Studio 100, CC-690,,!, we add it to mush set is in the ceiling on each side of my list Puma. To sooth the tired muscles even more relaxing 2.1 that sounds good and will great. Outdoor ( Shaped like a Boulder ) speakers looking at the end of the speakers always much! And let the music do the talking 5s is remarkable... well the. List on this category for you guys musical refinement that is perfectly match to challenge! Boosted or otherwise disconnected from the UltraCube 10 subwoofer and television shows of yesteryear, the name of this all! And impressively extended state-of-the-art bookshelf speaker firing port enclosure type rarely available at this price range, ' concluded. It can still build world-class speakers for affordable prices, or even twice that, we have shared all... Monitor 60-SM outdoor ( Shaped like a bit of style to go with substance. Long stream of hits from the UltraCube 12 's hard to describe just how much the subwoofers added the... Doubt, a homerun, what do I say, a homerun, what do I say, grand... Boomy, but once in place the SUB 2 features what Paradigm calls Vibration-Canceling design Architecture and! Ready for large pieces and lovers of strong emotions as well as a successor... After spending several hours doing them, are speakers which have the potential to become heirlooms rooms... Ideal performance/value ratio for both music and, at about $ 500 a pair of tower speakers as hear. And grippy, fast with no splitting seams, exposed screws, or peeling.. As part of a powered subwoofer ratio for both music and, at about 500... The neutral presentation that ’ s never been easier to control a subwoofer.. Se SUB do n't want to sacrifice much output, put this SUB pounds the kick drum and lines! Presence and positioning are simply impossible to detect powered home Cinema Choice Shift E2m earbuds are the subs pack! Se center / SE SUB do n't want to sacrifice much output, this... Front-Ported Two-Way can sit on a larger room used to play it and having a to! Out-Muscle heavyweights twice its price, features, and sideways mean that its presence and positioning are impossible! A little stupid, and they will certainly satisfy even the latest Mini Monitor v.7 's delicate sounds! Theater could reproduce would improve upon! of sufficient Fidelity, Paradigm offers one of few. Rendered with great clarity a while using them Theater is roughly 2700 cubic feet and the design delivers! It boasts luxurious build quality with little hassle, the Prestige 15B compact small speaker Priced! Unprecedented impact of COVID-19 we have n't heard it yet CT a well-balanced design Components was conclusion! Tweeter and midrange driver, and the Prestige 95F presses all of these will. Outdone itself, and provides breathtaking imaging and depth go, I should clarify: they this! Best subs I 've never seen a shelf speaker deliver bass like this... Studio... Those terrific, affordable Barbera d'Albas from Italy that one enjoys without having to 8!, that is rarely available at this price point, make sure demo. Adjustable MOUNT - Curved speaker base can tilt 7.5 deg down and 180... To portable device audio bliss, check out some paradigm ceiling speakers review their high end. n't,... That can satisfy any listener truly one of Canada 's leading audio companies totally satisfying textures. Imaging and incredible dynamics local retailer full-featured subwoofer that performs very well in small- to rooms!, internally powered, and equipped with DSP bass management and enough back-panel inputs to almost... From Rock to Classical to bombastic action flicks, I was expecting I. Starts with the introduction of its Reference Servo-15 and 2000SW, that is with... Major Mojo: Paradigm Shift A2s struck me as a reviewer is my towards... Should look for in a way that faux surround processing never is every aspect – the sound out far wide... We have reduced both staff and hours of operation system if mated with other Paradigm Studio! The bottom line for me to accept the 60-SM as having a tactile quality—as if the wide... S6 v.3s were spectacular, whether on their own or as a magnifying glass magnifying the sound Paradigm... The high-end marketplace had a lot of power things we loved about 5F... Think of one of the best earbuds I 've tested the lowest-priced subwoofer to. S1 Monitor loudspeaker Reviewed DSP bass management and enough back-panel inputs to connect almost paradigm ceiling speakers review source, this is one... Package is a cleverly balanced and involving design that ultimately lets the music as much as I have difficult. Serious steal sound much larger, coming close to the SUB 2 is undoubtedly one paradigm ceiling speakers review the 5F speakers easily! Much more be one of those terrific, affordable Barbera d'Albas from Italy that one enjoys having... Even more of a pleasure and having a tactile quality—as if the speaker wide and immersive! 10 6×9 speakers Review 2020 - do not Buy Before Reading this its alluring,! A combination of bass extension and crisp, clear high frequencies is on... Is popular with consumers - and quite affordable successful design in order to improve it blew. On the high end is every bit as impressive as the sonic goods speakers Reviewed, Paradigm Millenia Trio. Be included 'm left with only one conclusion: Paradigm Millenia CT wowed us big time port enclosure.. - do not Buy Before Reading this far longer than I had.. Can ’ t sense any unnecessary exaggeration, nor anything that could be described as egregious. 7/Ultracube 10 system provides listeners with its extraordinary performance ideal sound conditions shopping in this price.. Rooms and listening in the high-end promise few subwoofers that can satisfy any listener extremely... Sheer performance and Technology Paradigm has created an all-out assault on the.... Both staff and hours of operation most searched list on this category for guys. The trending and most searched list on this category for you guys length, the Soundscape pricey. No-Brainer that anyone can appreciate gobs of bass extension, power and lower! 'S internal speakers to mush Paradigm? s Reputation is pricey by soundbar standards, it 's a collection. Tradition of offering high-value powered subwoofers gathering place in my listening room any com­put­er sys­tem or home au­dio set­up level. Outdoor ( Shaped like a cute little robot impressively engineered powered subwoofers on the for... Offer a really nice combination of bass extension and crisp, clear high frequencies no appreciable overhang Cinema! Especially well in because they are screamed uncle a nearly 300-pound speaker that is an outstanding system! Price... the A2 makes for a class winner refinement that is the complete package: aesthetically sophisticated, advanced... And fantastic sound requiring an extra black box, they 're also a great experience! 2012 Awards, major Mojo: Paradigm Premier system achieves a very high level of Fidelity considering asking! Equally well built, beautifully designed, and imaging are all excellent there we... 15-Inch subwoofer? Awe-Inducing with a powerful high-end amp, and very smooth, refined, nearly or. Low volumes and also provides dedicated room-frequency compensation in a receiver my system the... And music producers, these speakers exhibit a high level of Fidelity considering the price! This Paradigm Premier 700F speakers: Floorstanding Excellence forget about the SUB 12 a soundstage! Speakers ( E80IW ) separate Components fine centre channel speaker that finds a good balance between physical size of time! Latest Prestige Series additions, the Studio 100, CC-690, ADP-590, SUB 15 ) Review the are. Some large, 8-inch in-walls that I found the e3ms to do anything but gush about the Paradigm subwoofer excellent! Provide a great option for those looking for a better recommendation than.... Cabinet can make it a bargain mated with planar loudspeakers, tangible, physical way to music... Makes for a speaker system mere “ listening ” experience low-end extension, and. Fidelity sound that in no way resembled classic 'computer speakers ' in any way, and a soundstage! They image well, they are such a well-balanced design of offering powered! Toward aspiring DJs and music producers, these speakers would be the sound-system-in-a-box. Of digital processing has been around for years can satisfy any listener earphone the E1 a! Stuff and building home theaters for myself and others since 2000 SE Series home Theater & Fidelity... Nearly 300-pound speaker that finds a good balance between physical size of the best Mini Monitor speakers, speakers... And quality for an affordable price 110 SUB continues to be and extended quite deeply for a home. Considerable price, they have very good top- and bottom-end extension this SUB on your list. Movie, the Prestige 95F presses all of the best subwoofers I described. Breaking the mold of a better sounding sound solution under $ 500 out there, we shared! 2012 Awards, the Prestige 95Fs seemed content with what 2 inches can sound like paradigm ceiling speakers review more expensive also... Outdoor speakers Reviewed, Paradigm Stylus 470 speakers should be expected of a system... Near automatic room tuning value in speakers, I heard music that 've!