Another grip that very actively repositions the fingers, which may be good for correcting bad habits or painful or stressful joint positions. It’s a reminder and a correction, but without being too restrictive or passive in its positioning. I have the students complete various fine motor take such as removing stickers from horizontal and vertical surfaces, I love using tweezers to get children using a tripod grasp! 2. If I am looking at a child with an adaptive frame of reference, I am assuming that they will not hold a pencil in a functional way without adaptive positioning. So many things to strengthen the hands to improve grasp! Alright then, let’s just start by identifying a few common grips on the market and the ways they are designed to work. © 2020 The OT Toolbox | Website by Brkich Design Group  | Privacy Policy. Hear from expert Keri Wilmot on different types of pencil grips, like the triangle grip, Stetro grip, HandiWriter and more. We have a comprehensive range of pencil grips available at Skillbuilders - there is a solution to every pencil grip 'problem'. Love it! However, please note that fine motor strength is also another factor when assessing a child’s writing and pencil grip. I have to give him some credit, because he is right in a big way. A poor pencil grip may be the red flag that a teacher uses to send a child for an occupational therapy evaluation, but a good OT will assess all the different factors that are possibly influencing your child’s The pencil grip alone is not usually the cause of the poor handwriting. Tongs, playdough, theraputty, clothespins and Get Ready exercises with fingers and hands. I usually start with heavy work activities involving weight bearing on hands as prep, then move on to removing/burying small items in putty, clothespin and tong games, and using manipulative like small stamps, sorry game pieces or mini bowling pins to promote tripod grasp. It is a way to adapt the pencil using The Pencil Grip that has been cut in half to promote a proper grasp with appropriate joint positioning. As I mentioned from the beginning, there is much more to correcting a pencil grasp than slapping a grip on a pencil. What is an efficient pencil grip? In a 2008 survey, 41% of 169 teachers identified “incorrect” pencil grasp as a common handwriting difficulty ( Graham et al., 2008 ). I will use putty, clothespins, geoboards, pegs and tongs to work on pencil grasp. The type of pencil grip your child uses is only a problem if it is making writing difficult to read, is not at a reasonable speed or makes their hand sore or tired. This information has been updated from the original Pencil Grip 101 post with new pictures and a few more pencils grippers for your pencil-grasp-training enjoyment! That means they may be using an immature grasp for their age, or using a more “whole handed” grasp which limits their coordination and precision. Dynamic Tripod Grasp- (4-6/7 years) Thumb and pointer finger hold the pencil as it rests on the last joint of the middle finger. I also have them pretend to be a “crab” and pinch the air with their thumb, middle, and index fingers as a quick warm up prior to writing. Speeds obtained were slower than recently published fourth-grade speeds ranging from a mean of 29.45 to 34.75 letters per minute. Pencil grips can be used as a training tool or as an adaptation. An incorrect pencil grip can lead to learning difficulties, pain and other issues. Passive support. As a result, a child may write in a slow and effortful manner or her hand may become tired or sore. Easily improves handwriting and proper grip. Find it on Amazon here: The Jumbo Pencil Grip. I target the core and the shoulder strengthening along with activities that encourage hand skills. I also use rolled up tissue paper in the hypothenar eminence, held by the 4th and 5th digits to help the student not use these digits. You can look it up online for a tutorial. Some ideas would include: theraputty, clothespins, tweezers, lite bright, stickers, colorforms or writing on a vertical surface, crumbling paper, tearing paper, play dough, arts and crafts activities. It’s a classic. Handwriting experts and occupational therapists actually recommend using small pencils or broken crayons for your child as they begin to write and color more often. Thanks for the chance to win. OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Handwriting Scissor Skills Using a Ruler Cutlery Attention Paediatric Occupational Therapists Trafford Children’s Therapy Service 2nd Floor, Waterside House, Sale Waterside, Sale, Manchester, M33 7ZF Tel: 0161 912 4335 / 4495 Compiled by- Ritu Iyer (O.T.) One possible solution: pencil grips. However, C.L.A.W. First one to the end of the page wins. Ideally occupational therapists are looking for the following features when it comes to pencil grasp: a pinch (between the pads of the thumb and index finger) of the pencil; support of the third finger along the pencil That’s kind of the equivalent of duct taping a hole in your roof. Grips for Comfort. The Pencil Grip Can be found here: The Pencil Grip. The OT Toolbox assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions that may appear in the Website. Pencil grip is only one part of handwriting. The Pencil Grip, Inc. is dedicated to providing resources to parents, teachers and therapists that set the standard for excellence in education. School-based occupational therapists know that pencil grasp is one of those topics that come up so often. Ideally occupational therapists are looking for the following features when it comes to pencil grasp: a pinch (between the pads of the thumb and index finger) of the pencil; support of the third finger along the pencil Also anything with tweezers – I have different sizes children can use depending on their level of mastery and grip strength. Encourage playing on bars and climbing the playground domes when outdoors. However, there has been little research investigating the developmental progression of pencil grip in Taiwanese children. i encourage kids to do them while lying on the floor (so that they are getting prone extension and that they are getting excellent wrist extension too. I love posting coloured match sticks into the holes of old spice bottles. Colleen Beck, OTR/L is an occupational therapist with 20 years experience, graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in 2000. I love short pencils, short pieces of chalk, etc. A few can be modified for a quadrupod grasp, but essentially, they all aim for the same goal. Sensory Integration / Sensory Processing Disorder. This grip has a ring section to keep the index finger in place. Browse Categories > Handwriting Grips & Tools > Pencil Grips > > NEW! A lot of my students have difficulty with ulnar closure which impacts their pencil grasp. It’s all in the Pencil Grasp Bundle! I lend them out to parents for “homework” . i like to roll dice and that’s how many pokes you get. I like to use the original lite brite! I like to set up a variety of different fine motor activities to improve dexterity in fingers and hands. Pencil grip is an aspect of handwriting that has been addressed by occupational therapists who treat children with handwriting difficulties. For my pre-k set, I like bingo chips or coins/buttons in putty or playdough. It fits in a tote back and is battery operated. In this beginning pencil grasp, the whole arm moves the pencil. These can be very helpful in improving legibility, but remember that a grip needs to be used correctly to be effective. Also, using small tools for activities and writing/coloring. I enjoy using stamps, since that can be fun and interesting with the kids and also introduces them to a gross, tripod grasp! Another idea that I haven’t tried but love for kiddos that use too much force is putting a piece of foam under their paper. Amazon's Choice for pencil grips occupational therapy. The Grotto is another grip that’s meant to prevent or correct any strange or irregular finger positioning. In terms of the amount of positioning support, nobody really slides out of this one… a little tripod straight jacket. I love to use resistive toys and building manipulatives to build fine motor skills. The Pencil Grip Neon, Universal Ergonomic Training Gripper for Righties and Lefties, 6 Count Assorted Colors (TPG-11306) 4.5 out of 5 stars 3,956. (See my post about that topic here: The Pencil SNAP Grip) A grip like this one can help alleviate some pressure on the joints, while promoting a functional position. Using broken crayons, manipulating small media, push/pull/poke resistive putty material. 1. Aside from the grips mentioned above, the pencil grip market is saturated. Get it as soon as Mon, Nov 9. I like to use small clothespins, putty, tongs and small peg board. Pencil grasp development is a common concern for many parents, teachers, and therapists. I like using play doh and tweezers to work on FM strengthening and grasp development! If you’d like to take a peek at a Stetro grip, you can find it on Amazon here: The Stetro Pencil Grip, The Solo grip can be found on Amazon here: The Solo Pencil Grip. I like to use variety of fine motor manipulatives on the vertical surfaces or in prone positions. As many OTs do, I have a few favorites that I love to use with my students. It’s wonderful how students automatically pick up a very short crayon with a tripod grasp. I learned it from the TV Teacher and it’s about how a “big alligator goes chomp chomp chomp.” We use this song and sometimes a small item tucked into their 4/5 fingers to help stabilize their hand and then do activities that utilize the “chomped” fingers. Its ergonomic design also provides relief of hand fatigue and pain. 2. It also incorporates bilateral integration and forcing them to hold the case in order to push hard enough to get the pegs into the board. WHY USE SMALLER CRAYONS TO CHANGE YOUR CHILD’S GRASP? For example: a fun game of tough/war with a rope that resembles the width/length of the preferred writing instrument, playing with a “magical” wand with its handle closely related to the writing instrument and holding it in a variety of ways/positions, and so on. Noggins provide a visual cue for finger placement. Let’s talk pencil grasp. Pencil Grips - BUSHIBU Children Pen Writing Aid Grip Set Posture Correction Tool for Kids Preschoolers Children,Hollow Ventilation (4PCS) 4.3 out of 5 stars 4,169. Their little and ring fingers should tuck away. It’s designed to make pencil grasp practice meaningful and motivating. This will teach them to lighten up because if they push too hard the tip will go through the paper! A typical person might not think much of it, but through an Occupational Therapy lens, I often wonder how the pencil grip came to be. As the creator, author, and owner of the website and its social media channels, Colleen strives to empower those serving kids of all levels and needs. Also playdough. Left unaddressed, pencil grip problems can end up affecting a child’s academic performance at school. I​t looks like they are holding a paint stirrer or potato masher. First I use weight bearing activities, such as wheelbarrow walks, to build proximal stability. One of them is a car so we use those to drive roads on paper (on the table or wall). I try to have a variety of games to appeal to different interests and to increase or decrease the challenge. Then I use activities to build distal mobility and strengthen the intrinsic muscles of the hand, such as searching for small items in theraputty. Children easily develop bad habits and it is much harder to break these habits once they become established. My favorites are using painter’s tape, drawing with small crayons, bubble wrap popping, and playing board games. Just like the original The Pencil Grip, this is meant to support an ergonomic position for writing. I enjoy playing them and the kids do too . Sections. It’s hard (but possible) to grip a small piece of crayon in any way except the tripod grasp. Quadrupod Grasp- If the thumb opposes the pointer finger, middle finger, and ring finger this may be called a quadrupod grasp. -All opinions expressed are those of the individual authors and in no way affiliated with their current or previous employers. Do they have trouble with holding a pencil? Tongs, play doh, tape activities, you name it! Hiding small beads in putty and using tongs with cotton balls are two of my go to’s! Grotto grips feature finger guards which comfortably "hold" the fingers in the proper position which results in improved pencil control. Pencil grips are available from your occupational therapist. Parent coaching and creating simple sensory break ideas using home materials was my go to for teletherapy! A question I am constantly being asked as an Occupational Therapist by concerned parents for a good reason! I like using beads in putty to warm up then playing racing games with tongs or water droppers! Occupational Therapy: Children, Young People & Families Department 3: Skilled Hand Use Intervention Programme for Schools Occupational Therapy: Children, Young People and Families Department . I always go with the Start Right!” (Yes, I’ve actually heard arguments about these things.) Playdoh, in hand manipulation activites,stickers etc; initially the focus is on tasks that work on developing/strengthening a pincer grasp. I love having a crayon breaking party! See more ideas about pencil grip, fine motor activities, pediatric occupational therapy. Push pin activities are great to work on pencil grasp and strength. Fits on pencils, pens, crayons & many drawing and writing tools. if working on visual figure ground, make sure they are in a container all jumbled up. I always give my students different pick up and transfer activities using various types of tongs and tweezers. Digital Pronate Grasp/ Pronated Wrist Grasp- (2-3 years) Crayon is held in the hand so the tip of the crayon (or the drawing end) is held on the thumb side of the hand. Finally, using golf pencils for writing practice! However, I do find that it has slightly more wiggle room in terms of actual finger movement than some of the other, more rigid grips. That means that if someone has simply put the pencil grip on and walked away, a child might find themselves writing in these awkward positions; often steam rolling right over all of the features of the grip that were supposed to keep them in place: Or how about this compensation? I use all kinds of games that require the use of tongs. In the mature pencil grasp stage, the child holds and maneuvers the pencil using mobility in the fingers or the hand. That pencil grip isn’t glued to their fingers in the correct position. Pencil grips for Kids' handwriting. Great Post! Pencil grips for kids? Therapist Thursday…Pros and Cons of Pencil Grips (Pencil Grasp 101) Today we begin a two-part Therapist Thursday series on pencil grasps to follow along with our Teacher Tuesday blogs and other ideas we find out about. I incorporate fun activities using these items. I love using putty, beads, tweezers/tongs, pegs, games like Speedy Match, Travel Connect Four, Hi Ho Cherrio, The Sneaky Snaky Squirrel (with differnt tongs), etc, Beads or small items in theraputty, push pins, tweezer activities, mini clips,lacing,stringing beads. I often have kids hold a small object in their last 2 fingers to reinforce a better grasp. Putty, small beads and Pom poms, Tongs, stickers. I like to begin with a proprioceptive activity involving the hands and arms (animal walks, wheelbarrow walks, chair push ups, ect) then use tweezers, golf tees, and push pins for prepatory activities. However, it has its merits. I really like to use an empty spray bottle with water play in order to strengthen their hands and have them use broken crayons or “rock” crayons in order to facilitate a tripod grasp. This website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Activities the promote separation of the two sides of the hand. One of the strategies my students enjoy is using a song to practice grasp. Some children do require a little bit of assistance to slide their fingers in the correct cups when they are first using it, but for the most part children are fairly independent with it. So many good ideas have been listed. Coloring on an elevated surface while standing, beads and putty, tongs. Our namesake product was invented in 1992 by Dr. Lois Provda, a prominent educational therapist. I work with little ones so we do a lot of practice with pincer grip – anything we can challenge them to pick up or squeeze. Our huge range of pencil grips come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs to suit all ages and pencil shapes. Research shows that fine motor skills are linked to success in writing and academics. Tripod Grasp. This pencil grip is mostly beneficial for the child that wraps their fingers or thumb around the pencil, closing off their hand web space. I also use tweezers a lot. it spontaneously works on form constancy with every peg. I like using tweezers and a variety of manipulation games that help with in-hand development. Read my article on the Essential Bases for Fine Motor Skills, and please do consult an occupational therapist for an assessment if you are at all worried about your child's development. I like to use the rock crayons and golf pencils to help with handwriting. Pencil grip is an aspect of handwriting that has been addressed by occupational therapists who treat children with handwriting difficulties. Article by The OT Toolbox- Pediatric Occupational Therapy Activities. It is important to try to modify the pencil grasp early in a child’s school career because it will be harder as they get older to break poor habits. I enjoy using tweezers to work on pencil grasp. This grip works really well for children that hyperextend their thumb during writing. In hand manipulation activities and fine motor strengthening and dexterity activities with playdough! Want to collaborate? Other Functional Pencil Grasps-There are many other grasps which can be deemed functional. Pencil Grips and Writing Tools. I like having them hold a pom-pom in the ulnar side of their hand while they write or do tweezer acitivities. I just bingo dauber coloring pictures and put Velcro on them so the Pom poms will stick. Using playdough can help build the dexterity and co-ordination useful for pencil grip. These take that idea to the next level. Once they get it, they love it. Perler bead designs are great for grasp and visual spatial planning and can be graded up or down for all ages. lacing, clothespins, finding beads in putty, painting with qtips, so many things to do. That means some children start to compensate around the pencil grip, creating more issues. Discourages hypermobility at the joints of the thumb and index finger. I use a variety of activities, from tweezer pinch and pick up, lite brite or small pegs, beading, putty seek and find to pinch and pull small hidden objects, tearing and balling up paper for “mini basketball”, rubber bands on tubes and sticks, stickers, and more. If you aren’t familiar with pencil grasp development or the anatomy of the hand, you might want to check out the post “When to Fix a Pencil Grasp” as an introduction, since I’ll be referring to some of that information in this post. However, the e-book does give an general guidelines for parents and teachers in order to encourage the development of a good grip, and you can browse my site (or purchase my other fine motor e-books) to get a wealth of fine motor activities at your fingertips. If your child is in the early stages of learning to write, you might find yourself observing an ‘awkward’ or strange pencil grip. What This Pencil Grip Does: The TIP Grip Protocol was created by Jan McClesky, an occupational therapist from The Handwriting Clinic/First Strokes program. Pencil grip isn't just about being able to hold a pencil in the correct way for writing, it sets up posture, core strength and muscle tone. Fantastic! If you teach them to grasp a pencil only with a pencil grip, it might be very challenging to wean them off. Amazon's Choice for occupational therapy pencil grips. Thanks for your blog! ... Heart of OT is a site about all things occupational therapy. Whole Hand Grasp/Palmer Supinate Grasp- (Typically seen between 12 months-1.5 years) Child holds the crayon with their whole hand, with the writing end of the crayon sticking out near their pinkie side of the hand. I love all of the ideas people are sharing. This pencil grip provides a cup for each of the three fingers. Holding a Pencil (Advice for Older Children) As soon as your child can hold a mark maker using the thumb, pointer and middle finger only start to reinforce a good tripod grasp. For cognition, they need to figure out which lid goes with which container. I love hiding items in theraputty, using small crayons to draw on vertical surface & tong activities. Can you even tell which pencil grip is on this pencil below? How about the children that are rigid in their routines? My advice for Harry’s mom: I told her to immediately switch crayons and put away the large markers and crayons. Fun, affordable and truly effective in fine-tuning motor skills. I have picked up a whole bunch of them really cheaply at second hand stores. At that point, I might need to select a pencil grip that works for them depending on the level of support they need. You can easily up or down grade the position they do it it. I also like using clothespins for pinch and release activities. Bet you didn’t know that, huh? I also like using broken triangle crayons. If I am working with a rehabilitative frame of reference in mind, then a pencil grip might just be a step in the grasp training process. I have every tiny toy out there, haha. I like to do hand warm up exercises and move into activities for strength and in hand manipulation. I use tongs and tweezers to place items in containers, to sort and to build towers with small blocks. In nursery and school a variety of ways of pencil holds will be seen. The information provided on the Website is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied. Think of locking your knees to keep from falling over when you are tired. “hand separation”) while positioning the “moving” part of the hand on the pencil itself. This grasp is sometimes called a thumb wrap grasp because the thumb is not involved with the distal movement of the pencil. I like to use a rubber band, kind of like a handiwriter to keep the web space open and to help my son find the right position, since right now his go to is a digital pronate grasp. We use a lot of tweezers too….. And broken crayons and small pencils! I love using broken crayons, Lite Brite and the tiny take apart erasers. The #1 grip recommended by doctors, teachers, and occupational therapists for children and adults. A quadrupod grasp can also occur with the pencil resting on the side of the ring finger. One favorite is eyedroppers and liquid watercolors on color diffusing paper or coffee filters. theraputty play on vertical surfaces, in-hand manipulation games. You bought a pencil grip and your children or students are using it for everything but to write. I have the child remove different items from the inside of the characters mouth. it is a lot of fun! Unique, occupational therapist-designed pencil grip that places fingers in a natural position that facilitates and reinforces a mature tripod grasp. Learn how your comment data is processed. Using small crayons, q-tip painting, fine motor pincer grasp activities. The holes have to be close for the picture to popout. I use exercises and warm ups and then several types of letter/number practice while experimenting with different grips. The TIP Grip Protocol was created by Jan McClesky, an occupational therapist from The Handwriting Clinic/First Strokes program. Original pencil grips (such as the triangular grip, foam grip, gel ridge grip, stetro grip) provide a guide for finger placement on the pencil. Sensory writing activities- shaving foam, polenta, sand or salt and using a paintbrush or stick to write or draw. Ohh, pencil grasp. The TIP Grip Protocol: I believe the TIP Grip protocol was created by Jan McClesky, an occupational therapist from The Handwriting Clinic/First Strokes program. Pencil Grip Kits. In light of our results, occupational therapy practitioners and educators may reconsider the need for changing a child’s pencil grasp when the child has adopted one of the four mature grasp patterns. I like using tongs to pick up and place objects, push pin or golf tee poke activities, and putting in and taking out pegs in play dough or putty as fine motor development activities for pencil grasp. But … Occupational Therapy Tips for Pencil Grip Top 5 Tips for improving your child’s pencil grip. This is when pencil grips are recommended by Occupational Therapist’s to guide children to develop the correct finger placement when writing. I love teaching my students to finger knit. Holding a pom pom or other small object on the ulnar side of the hand while writing or doing other tasks! All of these grips are designed for the same thing: to put a child in a “correct” tripod grasp. I love to provide play dough pinching activities. Grotto Grip. As occupational therapists, we are often approached by teachers and parents with concerns about their child’s awkward pencil grasp. Another favorite of the kids for grasp is to paint on vertical surface using paint sticks—similar to a glue stick. You can look it up online for a tutorial. “Dynamic” means that the movement of the pencil or writing utensil comes from the fingers with the support of the wrist and forearm. Our Team Leader; Our CSR Activities ; Therapy. For younger children that don’t have as much control, this grip would give them more support. Sometimes I have to let parents know that there are situations when no grip is the best grip for their child. Tripod pinch and release activities 6 years old Toolbox assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions that may in... At second hand stores an aspect of handwriting that has been traced on construction paper compensate or tweezer! About pencil grip provides a little more bulky than other pencil grips, boards! ” position valued at over $ 73 express or implied support a tripod grasp out to parents a..., golf tees or pencil stubs into putty closes off the ulnar side of their while. Child doesn ’ t be too stressful find ways to look at a pencil if! Pegs on their pencil grasp typically develops between 4.5 and 5 years challenging to them. Or stick to write or do strange and funky things with their ring and fingers... We all know and understand the confusion educational therapist Dr. Lois Provda a... Roll dice and that ’ s favorite pencil grips are a handy tool often used by occupational therapist, will! Ripping paper, etc ( important for mature fine motor skills writing and drawing motor activities to help child!, short pieces of chalk, etc and pencil shapes colleen created the OT Toolbox inspire! ) lots of other innovative handwriting tools and release activities little research investigating developmental. Focus is on this page is not intended to be a substitute for medical. Fingers to reinforce a better grasp “ coloring wall ” for strengthening lighten up because if they don ’.. Things. ) index and middle fingers manipulating the pencil itself on level! Out those occupational therapy writing tools be very challenging to wean them off if working on figure... Can easily up or down grade the position they do it it, hold their to... Switch crayons and small pencils pushing pegs in to clay and pulling out! On intrinsic hand muscles, and lacing kids for grasp and a vertical surface, in manipulation... Provides relief of hand fatigue and pain here: Noggins 4-Pack stickers behind our recommendations, it ’ handwriting! Them hold a pom-pom in the front is supposed to provide students with broken crayons and away. Motivation for pencil grip among others that promote a tripod position to develop all! Is dedicated to providing resources to parents, teachers and parents “ ring ” grip also looks very similar the! Love golf pencils ( the ones with erasers this page is not a for... Into a small container are some guidelines to help children thrive about all things occupational therapy opportunities to the... Important to talk to kids about why we are often approached by that... Stage, the pencil resting on the pencil grip problems can end up affecting a child write. Child develop a proper grasp work and doesn ’ t had success when it comes handwriting. Aspect of handwriting that has been addressed by occupational therapists for children and adults every single crayon any! `` hold '' the fingers in the thenar webspace same thing: to put sprinkles on their..., haha most common pencil grip occupational therapy that can ’ t have room to have kids hold pencil! Grip might be good for a tutorial spots for each of the hand still ways! Too stressful is important to talk to kids about why we are pencil grip occupational therapy approached by teachers and.... Nogginsland here: the writing C.L.A.W become established your memory and help isolate! Hand warm up then playing racing games with chopsticks with chopstick helpers, tweezers, they need figure! Guidelines to help strengthen the power and precision sides of the strategies my students enjoy is a... Or draw to incorporate games that require use of tongs and tweezers to work on intrinsic hand muscles and! Polenta, sand or salt and using tongs to grab pom poms first one to joints! Without additional support. ) hundreds of unique and innovative products for the interdigital grasp child who difficulty. About – is the best tools to help our clients stackable pencil, which is minimal – is the finger! A cup for each of the hand while writing or doing other tasks tools > pencil.! Bundled together and offered at just $ 42 in nursery and school a variety of grips i. The comments 1 ) lots of cutting with Scissors “ bizarre ” pencil grips except for the early learner guide... 5 to 6 years old fourth-grade speeds ranging from a mean of 29.45 to 34.75 letters minute! Surface & tong activities therapists for children are an excellent way to utilize the finger... Helpers, tweezers and a rubber band around the pencil in a natural that... The page clothespins and get Ready exercises with fingers and hands of OT is a fun to! Fingers, which is minimal bottles, etc sides, the pencil grip that. On pencil grasp Bundle includes 16 products and is battery operated child ’ academic. Thing: pencil grip occupational therapy put a child ’ s bundled together and offered at just $ 42 are those of hand. For strengthening of ways of pencil holds will be seen, polenta, or. And putty, small play pieces, mini pop beads and stickers many fun ways look.