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Coffee for Breakfast ~ How to have a super zen sunrise everyday

chachamama/ January 24, 2018/ Blog, Health, Recipes

Happy Rising! Good Day! Every Sunrise is a blessing so what better way to start the day than with a supercharged superfood cup of heaven? Lets face it, so many of us are really dedicated to the coffee morning culture. Coffee in the morning, coffee for a pick me up, coffee date , working at the coffee shop, meetings at

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Crystal Charged Food!! Cooking with Love

chachamama/ November 7, 2017/ Blog, Health

I LOVE food! It is not a secret. Growing up I was blessed with a mother that always made me homemade food and I am so happy to share my lifelong experience with food and love with you. Everyone knows processed foods are not really the best for us, designed for a society of busy people and somehow transformed into

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Vegan superfood Key Lime Pie

chachamama/ October 26, 2017/ Health, Recipes

Oh my gosh!! Healthy and Vegan and Raw and Avocado!! Who says being healthy is boring and bland? NOT I! And for real….its pretty darn easy. I love avocado, so I thought about the final taste of this recipe in a win win scenario. If it came out tasting too much like avocado then it would be ok with me….BUT…I

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How to Measure for your Hath Panja Bracelet

chachamama/ October 26, 2017/ Blog, Jewelry

I am so excited to make beautiful crystal jewelry and I want to make sure that like the piece, the fit is perfect for you <3 Take photos just like these and send them to me in your order and you will be wearing your new crystal love in no time.  

Superfood “CHACHA” Sprinkles

chachamama/ July 7, 2017/ Blog, Health, Recipes

Superfood for super days and feeling super awesome!! I talk about superfood all the time and to me a superfood is anything that is…well…super ! Super packed with nutrition per morsel and bite because like I said before, no one has time to prepare or eat 20 heads of broccoli a day..for real. Ok !Ok! you say, sign me up,

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Festival Gratitude Hair Love

chachamama/ June 1, 2017/ Blog, Health

I can hardly believe it has been another year of traveling to transformational festivals and events. After this upcoming Untz festival in Mariposa, Ca I will be making my way to Enchanted Forest Gathering in Laytonville, Ca. There are alot of festivals on this years list so if you do not make these next few do not worry, there is

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chachamama/ May 31, 2017/ Blog, Health

About 7 years ago I came across the Neem Tree from India. I was inspired by Ayurveda (** one of the world’s oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems.) I was instantly all about NEEM! I first tried capsules with the leaf and after further research I opted for the veggie caps which are complete with flower ,leaf,and bark. I started using

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My Minnetonkas

chachamama/ May 23, 2017/ Blog, Travel

My Minnetonka Gratitude Adventure *** They were the only ones in the store AND were my size! They felt perfect. I had been dreaming of the perfect moccasins to shelter my little feet during all of my walking and travels that more recently had been abundant. MY Gratitude Adventure had started and I needed to start with gratitude for my feet,

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New Favorite Vegan Cookie Recipe

chachamama/ May 10, 2017/ Blog, Recipes

I love treats! But I also like to feel good… So I love finding new recipes that bring the best of both worlds. Healthy treats do not have to taste like cardboard or worse…weird sweetness. I found the inspiration for this recipe  from Sweetly Raw , I love Heather and all of her Recipies!  I did a little bit of an

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chachamama/ April 25, 2017/ Blog, Health, Recipes

Superfoods! Superfoods? Nutrient rich foods containing an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and polyphenols, Yes Please! Thank goodness for superfoods because without them being healthy would take so much more time! Who doesn’t want more nutrients in their life? But honestly eating 10 heads of broccoli a day seems a bit ridiculous right? Superfoods make eating healthy easier because you

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