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How to Measure for your Hath Panja Bracelet

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I am so excited to make beautiful crystal jewelry and I want to make sure that like the piece, the fit is perfect for you <3 Take photos just like these and send them to me in your order and you will be wearing your new crystal love in no time.  

Steam isn’t the Absence of Water

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Steam isn’t the absence of water * Mother’s not the absence of daughter* One is made from the other* The world is made by the lover* The alphabets comprised of letters* The bird is encompassed by feathers* Reach over and pull the lever * Show your smile and change the weather* Show your soul and change the people* Make the

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My Minnetonkas

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My Minnetonka Gratitude Adventure *** They were the only ones in the store AND were my size! They felt perfect. I had been dreaming of the perfect moccasins to shelter my little feet during all of my walking and travels that more recently had been abundant. MY Gratitude Adventure had started and I needed to start with gratitude for my feet,

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Jungle Spread “notella” Nutella

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Maybe you…like I …have eaten spoonfulls of Nutella! Ok ok so half of the jar at once. It is delicious on just about anything and can turn a slice of bread into a gourmet experience. I have made my own version of nutella, switching in a few of my upgrade ingredients. Nutella ingredients   : Chachamamas ingredients sugar,    

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Gratitude Adventure

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My childhood years were filled with many books and days of reading. My mother would often realize I had been quiet for too long and find me in my room or in a cozy spot reading. Though I enjoyed reading and learning, nothing can top personal experience. I have such an admiration for Mother Earth and the many blessings life

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Chacha Mamas World!

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Welcome to Chacha Mamas World! We bring the goodness of the Earth to you. The newest addition to our world is the hand made crystal  HATH PANJAS  which is a  TRADITIONAL BRACELET from India. A hand piece worn by both the bride and the female guests to wear in traditional Indian weddings. The bride usually will wear one on each hand

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