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Steam isn’t the Absence of Water

chachamama/ September 27, 2017/ Uncategorized

Steam isn’t the absence of water * Mother’s not the absence of daughter* One is made from the other* The world is made by the lover* The alphabets comprised of letters* The bird is encompassed by feathers* Reach over and pull the lever * Show your smile and change the weather* Show your soul and change the people* Make the

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Jungle Spread “notella” Nutella

chachamama/ October 9, 2016/ Uncategorized

Maybe you…like I …have eaten spoonfulls of Nutella! Ok ok so half of the jar at once. It is delicious on just about anything and can turn a slice of bread into a gourmet experience. I have made my own version of nutella, switching in a few of my upgrade ingredients. Nutella ingredients   : Chachamamas ingredients sugar,    

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Gratitude Adventure

chachamama/ July 6, 2016/ Uncategorized

My childhood years were filled with many books and days of reading. My mother would often realize I had been quiet for too long and find me in my room or in a cozy spot reading. Though I enjoyed reading and learning, nothing can top personal experience. I have such an admiration for Mother Earth and the many blessings life

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Chacha Mamas World!

chachamama/ June 25, 2016/ Uncategorized

Welcome to Chacha Mamas World! We bring the goodness of the Earth to you. The newest addition to our world is the hand made crystal  HATH PANJAS  which is a  TRADITIONAL BRACELET from India. A hand piece worn by both the bride and the female guests to wear in traditional Indian weddings. The bride usually will wear one on each hand

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