Chacha Mama believes in hair care so good you can eat it! Beauty should be healing and Chacha Mama incorporates healthy practices from all around the world in order to make your hair dreams come true!

How would you like Beautiful, Healthy and Luxurious hair without any sacrifice to your health?! Why would having beautiful hair need harsh chemicals, intense heat and hours of sitting in an uncomfortable fume filled room? After years of working in traditional salons that offer very little in the holistic sense, a more healing and nurturing hair mentality is what more people are gravitating towards. 

“Nature has an abundance of nourishing gifts for us and I have dedicated my life to learning how to utilize them in gratitude in order to make your hair dreams come true.”

 Chacha Mama uses flowers, herb, oils and more to bring out the natural vibrance of your hair. Basically everything  used on your hair and skin is edible! Why? Because it is pure love from this beautiful green earth.

!No more need to expose yourself to anything but the most enriching resources from the planet!

From floral tea hair cleansing rinses and moisturizing sea moss conditioning masks to Ayurvedic neem oil with other exotic and essential oil blends, I take knowledge of beauty and health from around the world and harmonize it with my years of hair experience to customize a perfect balance for you.

After working in Portugal learning European hair techniques and bringing productivity up in numerous haircut stores starting in 2005, Chacha made her way to more high end salons in her southern California area. First in San Diego county and then to Los Angeles on Melrose. The salon on Melrose had been turning away clients of various backgrounds because there was not a stylist specializing in their needs. Luckily Chacha was able to bring a positive space for those clients to feel welcome and beautiful, without the use of chemicals!!!

Chacha now has a well seasoned background in not only hair techniques but also a holistic and cross cultural approach to the entire hair love experience. 

Chacha offers wonderful relaxing and re-balancing hair services and treatments. Yes! you can get a “trim”, yes you can get a design cut, yes it will be amazing and on top of your custom tailored dream come true you will feel amazing! Utilizing the calming and cleansing benefits of Copal , Sage and Palo Santo Incense ,energy work and sacred geometry Chacha Mama not only removes the blockages of your dry ends but also of other things that feel old and dry that no longer need to hang around.

Passionate about customization each appointment booking is preceded with a thorough online{email} consultation, complete with photo inspiration exchange and clear communication of needs. Your hair dreams are about you and making them a reality is top priority. I am listening!!


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