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I LOVE food! It is not a secret. Growing up I was blessed with a mother that always made me homemade food and I am so happy to share my lifelong experience with food and love with you.

Everyone knows processed foods are not really the best for us, designed for a society of busy people and somehow transformed into an interesting ingredient mashup. I have eaten my share of this convenience and realize that I am much more happy (and healthy) eating food prepared with love from the heart….not a box.

People ask me what diet I follow, truth is I strive for the best of all worlds! Why? because I have tried and tested and experimented and realize what feels the best to me. Paleo, Vegan, Gluten free, I like to eat the tasty healthy food in all categories. I say no to pesticides and well, chemicals really, as well as harmful processing and unnecessary ingredients. We all know how we FEEL, and that is very important when eating right! The point if food is to nourish us, even if you are busy, your food should make you and the ones you love Feel good, energized and ready to live life to the fullest, not tired and run down.

I am here to help!! I am so grateful for everyday to be able to increase the health benefits of the food I make for myself and everyone around me. I have studied many different healing arts and practices such as Ayurveda (India) and Chinese herbalism ,as well as research such as that from Masaru Emoto and the Gerson institute to name a few. Growing up around exposure to different religions and cultures I observed many different types of people performing their daily cooking and eating methods. My further studies in cultural anthropology have made me realize one thing! One of my true passions is healthy food! MY holistic approach has brought me to realize that ingredients are important but attitude and love while preparing your food is too!

Growing up I had chronic asthma among other allergies. I limited my participation in physical activity due to asthma attacks and my allergy to cats, dust among others, prevented me from doing many things. I was always naturally inclined however to “healthy food”. Since I was a baby my mother cooked me only real homemade food and always communicated with me to find out what I needed. Growing up in a society much different than my mothers Portuguese roots and with increasingly modernization of foods available to us, some things I ate we did not realize were contributing to my asthma. Thankfully, through all my research and experience and attention to food, I have freed myself from the heavy hand of asthma and autoimmune issues and not needed to use an inhaler , steroid medication or breathing device for many years now.

The fun part of all of my life experience through the hard trials is that now I have a large collection of information that broadens the variety of delicious healthy foods I can prepare and offer everyone around me. My motivation is to only make food that satisfies everyones dietary needs (or “restrictions”) while bumping up flavor and nutrient content. Who wants to be healthy? We ALL do. Who has time to prepare and eat 20 heads of broccolli? NO ONE. That is not practical, and I am tired of hearing all the CAN’Ts about food.

I will go further into how I choose my ingredients in another post, here I just wanted to share a little bit about how I like to think about food.

I use the kitchen or space where I am preparing food as an opportunity to create positive healing intention. I wear crystals and smile and do a little dance and sing all to promote positive healing into the food itself. If you believe even partly the research of Masaru Emoto and his study on water ( we are water and alot of our food is most certainly part water) then the method which I utilize when making food for myself and others will only increase the benefits of my food! Delicious, extra nutritious and healing….yes please. Plus who wants a moody, negative, angry person making them food? NOT ME!

I cook with love and I wear crystal hath panja bracelets, I use natural stone mortar and pestles to fresh grind my salt and use my hands as much as possible.Reconnect with your food, reconnect with yourself. Love your food, love yourself.



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Be the positive change you want to see in the world.




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