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My childhood years were filled with many books and days of reading. My mother would often realize I had been quiet for too long and find me in my room or in a cozy spot reading. Though I enjoyed reading and learning, nothing can top personal experience. I have such an admiration for Mother Earth and the many blessings life has and as I combine all of my colorful knowledge from my studies over the years I find myself traveling in a Gratitude Adventure. In order to enrich the world around me I am allowing the world around me to enrich my entire being. I find inspiration in nature and then share it with all of you. Everywhere in nature there is healing and love, in the soil, in the leaves in the plant oils. The stones and crystals with sacred structures and formations created in the Earth share their healing vibrations to uplift and benefit us all.

I love to Adventure out in nature and create art with the resources and blessings of the planet, and then, offer the gifts to others. Join me in my Adventure in Gratitude and don’t forget to dream sweetly.