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Welcome to Chacha Mamas World! We bring the goodness of the Earth to you. The newest addition to our world is the hand made crystal  HATH PANJAS  which is a  TRADITIONAL BRACELET from India. A hand piece worn by both the bride and the female guests to wear in traditional Indian weddings. The bride usually will wear one on each hand whereas the female guests traditionally just wear one on their dominant hand. The Panja is usually a gold bracelet and a ring that is joined by a decorative chain and a coloured gemstone between the bracelet and the ring.

Chacha Mamas modern interpretation of the Hath Panjas includes comfortable accomodating materials without the worry of metal sensitivity. Chacha Mama also uses real stones and crystals in the design of the Hath Panjas in order to optimize healing energies of the wearer. Whether you are looking for jewelry to adorn your hands or feet, Chacha Mama has made sure to bring happiness and blessings to each piece.



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Aka: Nose ring chains