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I love Lassi! What is Lassi? A traditional mango drink made in India usually made with yogurt,milk, mango, sugar or salt, and spices like cardamom. Lassi can be made with fruit or nutritious herbs and flowers. My healthy version of this delicious traditional drink ditches the dairy and helps boost digestive health. I will share some of my favorite mix-ins in the recipe.

Though I do not necessarily claim a special diet in order to describe myself, I do like to eat the best gifts I can find from the earth.  Ingredients are best when they are good for as many types of people as possible. Using my favorite ingredients makes it easy to create treats that are easy for as many people, from as many diet preference backgrounds to enjoy. I like to take delicious traditional foods and substitute my favorite ingredients!So my Lassi is no exception.

A basic Lassi is :yogurt,sugar,ice,(mango),spices.  For those who are trying to heal their gut and have no sugar,dairy etc. diet, my recipe is a refreshing upgrade.

*~*Chacha Mamas Lassi (Bee Lassi)*~*

14oz Coconut cream

3/4 cup Almond milk

1 cup Mango chunks

3-4 tbsp Honey

Spices: Cardamom,vietnemese or ceylon cinnamon

Pinch Salt : I used Hibiscus Sumac Salt from the spice lady!

Pinch Colostrum Garnish*

Fresh Mint

~I change the amount of mix in depending on what fun ingredients I have.~

Blend together and enjoy!

Ingredient sourcing:

I get my coconut cream (make sure its cream and not milk) from the Asian store. The brand I use is Savoy it is pure coconut and so creamy.

Other ingredients have links throughout the text to make it easy 🙂

As always, please support your local beekeepers when you purchase your raw local honey for any recipe.


**Colostrum is from bovine(cow) before the milk , just like humans. It is a probiotic and many who have issues with dairy are not effected negatively by colstrum. Most even note decrease in reaction to dairy after useing colostrum. It is very beneficial for the digestive system.