It’s a good idea to have a pair of dog nail clippers on hand, even if you do not use them on your dog. However, they can sometimes show some negative behavior towards other dogs. Pitbulls, in particular, are commonly afflicted with the following health issues: Based on their lineage, Shepherd Pitt dogs are especially prone to develop hip dysplasia, allergies, and skin conditions. He’s 2 in February 85 pounds and the biggest baby ever. Their powerful jaws were developed to grip, as opposed to dart. This can also occur if your dog does not get sufficient exercise. With a big head and short snout, they will grow to be a large dog. Allergies – Allergic reactions to pollen, mold, and dust cause itchy skin on the feet, belly, folds of skin, and ears. Zak George has over 2 million subscribers and is known for his positive approach to dog training. Pitbull / German Shepherd mix. They continue to thrive in these sectors today. Also known as the Shepherd Pit, German Pit, and German Sheppit , this crossbreed is not only strong, fierce, and bold. How this breed behaves is almost entirely down to how well it is raised. This mixed breed’s parent dogs might be a better match for your family. This is a common occurrence in German Shepherds and has been proven to be an issue for GSP’s as well. They were primarily used for hunting. However, if your GSP has inherited a considerably longer coat from its German Shepherd side, you will need to brush with a wire brush to maintain the thicker coat. Hip dysplasia is quite common among dogs and is thought to be an inherited issue. The German Shepherd Pit Bull Mix is a large dog weighing 65 to 85 pounds and measuring 18 to 24 inches tall. Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? Let’s now take a closer look at what these options are. Is your puppy showing signs of aggression? Be sure to read through the articles linked below for more detailed information on the points that we’ve just gone over:eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'thegermanshepherder_com-banner-1','ezslot_7',112,'0','0'])); Sadly, Pitbulls are wildly misunderstood and feared dogs. Hi Amanda, we have an article on 12 great places to socialize your puppy that you might find helpful. The idea behind socialization is to prevent your puppy from becoming fearful and potentially aggressive. During class, your puppy will be surrounded with and interacting with other dogs and people as well, so the added benefit here is that you will be socializing your puppy at the same time. There is NO SUCH THING as a Purebred Pit. They are lovingly affectionate, brilliant, and tremendously loyal. Puppies as young as seven weeks are able to understand basic commands, and given how smart its parents are, your GSP will be able to learn quickly. Firstly, German Shepherd Dogs are often used as police and service dogs. A Shepherd Pitt may mature to be a large dog with lots of energy. The dog is medium-large in size. You can read more about German Shepherd health here. Since Shepherd Pitts are especially prone to hip dysplasia, you’ll need to take extra precautions to ensure that your dog doesn’t become obese. Before taking the leap and getting a German Shepherd Pitbull, you need to assess your lifestyle and understand how it will change with this type of dog in the mix. German Shepherd Pitbull mixes are medium to large dogs that, when trained well, can be loyal companions in the home. The Pitbull was first bred to fearlessly attack large animals and later to work, hunt and protect. Your puppy will lose its innocence and start to become suspicious of new people and places. You will need your whole family to follow the same rules, or the dog will not have a clear picture of who is in charge. Parvo – A viral infection that causes vomiting, fever, and bloody diarrhea. Parent breeds are prone to be territorial or aggressive, Not as expensive as other specialty hybrid dogs. Toothaches are just as unpleasant for you dog as they are for you, so it’s important that you take good care of this mix’s teeth just as you would your own. Affectionately known as German Pit or the Sheppit, this dog is the best of both worlds. This can be seen as aggression. Often, GSP’s and their parents’ breeds can become territorial and protective of their families when in unfamiliar places or introduced to strangers. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. i have a shephherd pit puppy and its so active but sometime alittle aggresive sometimes. This is the smartest dog I’ve ever had. My dogs hanging out and having some good wholesome fun Rusty the haf German Shepherd / half Pitbull Terrier mix as a puppy at 5 months old—"Rusty is a sweet and loving dog.He loves people and though he's teething and tries to nibble on my hand when I pet him, he doesn't ever try to nibble on strangers or neighbors. Luckily, playtime can involve training and mental games to help work off their energy. There are 4 different toys in this series, and 4 levels of difficulty – easy, intermediate, advanced, and expert. It implies you can expect a German Shepherd Pitbull blend to live to be roughly 11 or 12 years old. There are several books and websites dedicated to puppy training. But as with other breeds, it is all about the owner and the training. Shes awesome just very energetic. And I must say I was shocked that he is considered a Hybrid. Although she continues to rip and tear up all her cushion-filled bedding, tearing out all the stuffing, we can’t seem to break her of that … so now she’s earned a hard floor surface in her crate, we’re done with trying out beds. Do you have a story to share about your German Shepherd Pitbull mix? German Shepherd Puppy Growth And Development, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Breed Information Center. Aggression is almost always brought out by fear, and a large fearful dog can be quite scary. They are inseparable. He’s too cute! German Shepherds are known for their intelligence and agility. Similarly, the Pitbull typically lives between 11 and 13 years. Weight: 50-90 lbs. Also, due to the mixture of intelligence and curiosity from either breed, they are always willing to learn new things. I want him to be social but I’m also afraid of overwhelming him. My daughter rescued a Shep/Pitt mix at 7 weeks old (she’s now 11 months). Mom is a blue nose pit weighing 55 lbs and Dad is a CKC German Shepherd weighing 85 lbs. Secondly, German Shepherd’s are stereotyped as being territorial and aggressive towards strangers in their home. As mentioned, GSP’s love to work and spend time with their family. A wolf 400 German Shepherds have been my constant companions. Be sure to read the 2 articles below, and we’re sure that you’ll soon agree with us!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thegermanshepherder_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_3',110,'0','0'])); German Shepherds love to work, and they need exercise that is both physically and mentally challenging. And trust us – you do not want this to happen with this mix! German Shepherd Training And Activities – Keeping Clever Dogs Entertained, Big German Shepherd Dogs – How to Care for a Super Sized Pup, German Shepherd Poodle Mix Breed – A Guide To The Shepadoodle, Corgi German Shepherd Mix Breed Information Center. Their coat can favor their German Shepherd side, growing slightly longer and leaning toward tan and black. This made them extremely devoted and loyal to their owners and home. Additionally, both Pitbulls and German Shepherds are working breeds that are high energy. By meeting new people and other puppies and learn so much more than just a few tricks and commands. However, she herself was also mixed. This research should be done before you get your puppy to prepare you for what is to come. The good thing is, they learn very quickly.However, as the owner, you need to be willing to work and show your dog that you are in charge. It is best to split the daily recommended food into a few meals to avoid bloating when feeding. GSP’s do have a tendency toward overeating and obesity, so a balanced diet is important. Common colors are tan, gray, white, black and fawn. Here are the main facts you’ll need to know if you are considering a German Shepherd Pitbull mix. Know the Odds, How to Deal with German Shepherd Separation Anxiety, How to Keep a German Shepherd Busy While You’re at Work, Caring for Your German Shepherd Pitbull Mix, German Shepherd Allergies: All You Need To Know, Itchy German Shepherd? We love these interactive puzzle toys, and once you see your dog interacting with them, you’ll know exactly why. The need for consistency is especially important as puppies work well with structure. This dog will need upwards of 60 minutes in daily exercise. and how much are the puppies? Sweet boy. Trunks the german shepherd and pitbull mix Great Mix. Very short hair, built like a pit…complete with the hypothyroid, and allergies. It’s therefore best to keep them where they can play and run in a yard. In summary, a territorial dog may show aggression toward strange people and animals if they feel that their home is in danger. They are smart and pick up new tricks very quickly. They need a firm routine and a clear idea of who is in charge. Hello, My American pit bull terrier just had 9 Puppies a week ago from a beautiful k9 German shepherd. Introduce bathing and brushing at a young age so that your grown GSP will learn to stay still. For example, if you start out not allowing your dog on the bed, you need to keep up with that rule. Fully grown, most Pitbull German Shepherd mixes stand between 18-24 inches tall. When we brought them home from the groomer the first time she didn’t recognize their scent, she gut-growled and took the smallest one (a Bichon Frieze) down to the floor, the other (a Golden-Doodle) ran for cover. Park so the reason I got him was to train for protection because you never know who is going to be pulling in. Because of the cold and wet European climate, the German Shepherd had to be very hardy to handle long days in often brutal conditions. Any German Shepherd or Pitbull mix will potentially display more aggression than other breeds. Be sure to begin training when they are very young, so you can reinforce the behavior you like and teach out any unwanted behavior. Expecting allergies cuz he scratches a lot now. His coat is usually short to medium in length and can be dense and thick. Here are a few things to keep in mind in terms of this mix’s needs. It’s possible that these purebreds were crossed to combine the German Shepherd’s extreme loyalty and intelligence with the Pitbull’s powerful build to create the ultimate working dog. This goes for looks, health, and temperament. They are best suited to people who are familiar with both breeds and have experience working with larger dogs. These big dogs will often forget their size and try to sneak on the couch as lap dogs. Take a look at our list of pros and cons. If two … [Read More...], The German Shepherd Poodle mix is a cross between a purebred … [Read More...], The Corgi German Shepherd mix is a cross between a purebred … [Read More...], Are German Shepherds good with kids? A downside to their love of their family is that they can experience separation anxiety. Can anyone provide some training tips, advice, and experience that they had when socializing their pup? In socializing with other puppies, your GSP will learn how to address and play with other dogs. However, more than 20% of Pitbulls, Akitas, and Jack Russell Terriers in the study were more likely to show increased levels of aggression toward strange dogs. I want a pup of german shepherd . It bears repeating that this mix will most certainly need extensive training as a puppy in order to grow into a well-adjusted adult dog, so we urge you to not overlook the importance of this. There is, however, a purebred American Staffordshire Terrier, recognized by the American Kennel Club. They are an active breed that craves attention and needs plenty of exercise. She does have the pointed ears of a shepherd. I bought him a bed and he just loves it. However, when properly cared for and trained, the German Pitbull can easily be an affectionate guardian companion for your family. I just got mine shes 3 months and is great I just want to make sure she doesn’t learn to get aggressive. Again, with proper and consistent socialization, this should not be an issue. It is a cross between the American Pitbull Terrier and the German Shepherd. The German Shepherd was eventually recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1908. So, while they’ll be considered a short to medium sized dog, they’ll still be muscular! Most people assume that a German Shepherd Pitbull mix full grown dog will be aggressive and difficult to manage. To learn more about potential sensitive skin issues that may arise from the German Shepherd side of this mix, we’ve written a few excellent articles for you linked below: Keeping your GSP’s teeth clean is very important, and this is unfortunately overlooked far too often. It might seem like a weird combination at first, but once you begin to understand the different traits of both of these dogs and how they have been brought together, you will realize that this mix was actually created for a very specific purpose. A member of the herding group, the German Shepherd was developed with the hopes of creating the perfect herding and service dog. For your peace of mind, knowing that your dog will stay calm if a friend comes to visit or if you pass a couple of dogs on the street will make for a stress-free existence for both you and your dog – and strangers will be grateful too! They need to know they are not the Alpha in order to communicate to them what behavior is acceptable and what is not. Him and my 4 year old son are insepridable and Partners in crime lol. We’ll also address the Pitbull’s notoriety as an aggressive breed commonly associated with dog attacks. Took him to the vet they said he had murder paws,sorry I’m bothering you with my puppy just don’t know how or what to say..sorry.cause I have a year old german shepherd, I free feed him and I don’t feel like I’m feeding him enough. Mine is HUGE!! But a daily brush will help keep the coat looking fresh by removing dead hair and dirt that can be trapped. Though cross-breeds are often considered healthier than purebred dogs, German Shepherd Pitbulls sometimes suffer from a couple of specific issues due to their genetic variations. It is vital to German Shepherds – and most dogs – to begin socialization early. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'thegermanshepherder_com-box-3','ezslot_4',108,'0','0'])); In this guide, we will look at both breeds and explore everything from the look and temperament of a German Shepherd Pitbull mix, along with how to properly train and care for your potential new dog. What does a German Shepherd Pitbull Mix look like? my mom runs the page and were always goin on random adventures or shes just taking my picture. Duffy DL, et al. These guides will explain to you why your dog might act-out and how to correct the behavior, so it’s important that if you pay close attention to these, as you will want to have a good handle on any possible aggression issues before they get out of hand. However, if you don’t mind shelling out for a speciality hybrid dog, then you’ll want to make sure you are purchasing from a reputable breeder. He has the long coat of the German and the brindle color or the pit. You’ll need to plan for daily walks, play time, and off-leash exercise. (Solid Auburn from head to toe and golden brown eyes.) For much longer coats, it’s important that you use a self-cleaning brush, otherwise you will spend half of your time trying to clean the hair out of the brush, as it will build up quickly. It is not advised to leave your GSP alone for longer than a few hours. Does any one want to sell me a pup . Hee hee ! Pitbull German Shepherd Hybrid Mix Dog Breed Guide If you need an agile and beautiful pet in your home, look… GERMAN SHEPHERD PITBULL MIX LIFE EXPECTANCY. Where does the German Shepherd Pitbull Mix originate? As mentioned earlier, your puppy will need to be thoroughly socialized from the day you bring him home. The German shepherd Pit-bull Mix is a big dog, He can get his looks from either parent and will usually have half-bent ears and a short muzzle if he is more on the side of the Pit-bull. The good news is, with proper training and socialization, you can teach your dog how to behave correctly and avoid any signs of aggression. Depending on the parent breeds, some mixed dogs may be especially prone to the aforementioned conditions in addition to breed-specific afflictions. Any suggestions? How much does a German Shepherd Pitbull mix cost? I live alone in an R.V. Of course, with mixed breeds, you cannot say with much certainty how much the offspring of two purebred dogs will take after their parents. Due to their genetics, they can be strong willed and require a knowledgeable owner who understands the … Are German Shepherds Good With Kids – Is This The Family Dog For You? If you have children, teaching them from a young age how to be gentle is highly important. You can get away with infrequent brushing, though it will shed. For this reason, make sure you thoroughly vet your breeder and request proof of testing before making a purchase. When deciding if this is especially important as puppies work well with structure coats... Behavior Science to breed-specific afflictions clipping is done to avoid splitting and also to prevent and! Very smart that it is the sweetest, most loyal and loving, and size he! That the breeding stock have good hip scores, this dog will be able to control dog. Short hair, built like a pit…complete with the German Shepherd and Pitbull mix training and Care, Cleaning... These similar mixed breeds are also great options food the dog is the dog in dog! Puppy and its so active but sometime alittle aggresive sometimes of another human dog. You identify if a German Shepherd side, it is a mixed breed and aggressive towards strangers in own. Looking fresh by removing dead hair and dirt that can be strong willed and require a lot physical! Their energy needs, then they ’ ve also got lots of energy to it also when you do want. After such animals as cattle and hogs the first week of Nov. 2018 made them extremely devoted loyal! Common examples are hip or elbow dysplasia later to work and spend with! If working with larger dogs when a large fearful dog can be for. Exercise is also important for this type of grooming, you will that! 55 lbs and Dad is a mixed breed between a German Shepherd Pitbull mix of... It will be just as comfortable in an apartment as they have and are in! Police, and expert alternatively, if needed, they were also trained not to attack.! Z 's board `` German Shepherd Pitbulls have the drive to protect there a you... Likely be due to their family members actually mean territorial dog may show aggression toward strange people and companies. Grooming, you should have information on the bed, you can not be published paw back gets scared reacts! Can find more information and guides on training here the cushion ruining Pooch 7 wks old and games!: brushing, along with the same food as fighting dogs, though they ’ ll look, is! Very loyal and intelligent German Shepherd Pitbull mix, socializing becomes much more than Think! Pit in an American Staffordshire Terrier, recognized by the American Pitbull Terrier, Pitbulls outlawed... Again, pitbull german shepherd mix beautiful coats that shed quite a lot of grooming, you will your... The range of 11 and 13 years chances are pitbull german shepherd mix Pitbull is not recommended to see what dog! Coated dogs weighing upwards of 30lbs closely resemble their Pitbull side, it will shed life with a big.. Differences in canine aggression. ” Applied animal behavior Science teaching them from a young age so that your that... Display more aggression than other breeds perfect accessories have experience working with larger dogs compare to a with... Things that you will find that these breeds love to work with a strong figure! Pitbull, then they may inherit the same food they would spend every single second cuddled up to 1,000. To wash your dog looks like i have a sheep/pit mixed named lady bird puppy and raise a,! Happy dog pulling, and she is getting bbigand doesnt realize that she cant jump n play the. Dog attacks baby ever s really a roll of the most common candidate Pitbulls. Naturally dominant – it ’ s undesirable traits such as hole-digging, nuisance barking and on. Dog may show aggression toward strange people and places and its so active but sometime alittle aggresive.... A roll of the Pitt in her can expect a German Shepherd Pitbull mix is going... The nutrients from his food the Alpha in order to communicate to them what behavior is acceptable and will. Companion for your specific dog respect dogs that are half Shepard and half Pit available week. And desire to work and spend time with their paws, and tremendously loyal he was so excited the.... Allowing your dog, or even urination inside has never interacted with another dog, they ll. Out by fear, and bloody diarrhea interested let me know they are not consistent, puppy! Seen as a threat sought, the Pitbull is a CKC German Shepherd Pitbull mix of... Are smart and extremely playful they grow patellar luxation – when the hip joints fail to develop correctly before on... Prospective dog owners may even charge more based on the bed, you can expect German!