Pretty straightforward. I grew up in San Francisco, living less than a mile from Thanh Long, a small Vietnamese restaurant, that became famous for their garlic noodles and crab. Oh my goodness I made these today and they are delicious! The first An family restaurant and home of their Secret Kitchen, Thanh Long opened in 1971 when grandmother Diana bought a 20 seat Mom and Pop diner in the quiet, oceanside Sunset area of San Francisco. Thanh Long, San Francisco: See 297 unbiased reviews of Thanh Long, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #181 of 5,696 restaurants in San Francisco. garlic noodles- thanh long style. They also have a big following for their Garlic Noodles, but their crab is definitely their star. 2 10 Joined Feb 13, 2002. i've been looking for the recipe for the garlic noodles made famous by thanh long/ crustacean restaurants. Cons: … - See 297 traveler reviews, 124 candid photos, and great deals for San Francisco, CA, at Tripadvisor. Can anyone post or refer me to a recipe for these garlic noodles? Top that off with the knowledge of their “secret kitchen” (an enclosed area within the main kitchen that is off limits to all employees except An Family members) and who can resist? Try the Thanh Long Mussels Reviews: 21. YAY! Dined at Thanh Long last night and had the signature Roasted/Drunken crab and Garlic noodles which were very tasty. Marian — September 22, 2015 @ 6:37 pm Reply. But a lot of restaurant serve it with imperial rolls or grilled Vietnamese meats. Momof4 September 18, 2017 at 7:01 pm. Thanh Long Garlic Noodles This Vietnamese-American dish of buttery noodles and lots of garlic is thought to be invented by the An family at Thanh Long, their restaurant in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset district. This is a Vietnamese-American noodle dish that was invented at Thanh Long in the Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco back in 1971. can anybody help? It is typically served with a bounty of crab or shrimp. Thanks! Just get it. 32 10 Joined Jul 15, 2001. With throngs of followers, Thanh Long and their other Crustacean locations have been wooing people for over 3 decades with their roasted garlic crab, prawns, garlic noodles and even their shaking beef. Get the crab. Opened in 1971, the first Vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco serving our famous An's Garlic Noodles … Bartender Graham, a Thanh Long institution, is … Garlic Noodles with Roasted Tiger Prawns . The recipe is top secret. .with this crab, you will WANT to be in an environment where you can just dig in. When the Ans added the sweet and savory garlic noodles to the menu at Thanh Long, they immediately became a signature. Thanh Long: Garlic Noodles!!! Thanh Long – Garlic Crab Roasted Garlic Crab: 1 Dungeness Crab (cleaned and split in half or into 4 pieces and slightly cracked) 1 or 2 stick of unsalted butter 4 cloves garlic (roasted & softened) 1 chicken bouillon cube ¼ cup of sugar Cracked black pepper to your liking Instructions Preheat oven to 350 F. Melt butter in a wok and add soft roasted garlic, bouillon cube, and sugar. 7/18/2017 by i3klyngirl. Thanh Long – San Francisco, CA – Phenomental Roasted Crab & Garlic Noodles! Feb 15, 2002 #2 garlicginger. As expected, the noodles were delicious. So ‘top secret’ that they have a private kitchen within their kitchen where all the magic happens. Super delicious. Make online reservations, find open tables, view photos and restaurant information for Thanh Long. They also branched out to other sister restaurants – Crustaceans. Rasa Malaysia's recipes for Roasted Garlic Crab and Garlic Noodles can be found here. I remember attempting to do this in my early cooking days and it was subpar at best. Specialties: Home of the original Garlic Noodle and Roast Crab Established in 1971. Kirbie — December 4, 2014 @ 1:13 am Reply. and features the same delectable menu. The garlic noodle complement the roasted garlic crab so well. The garlic noodles and the roasted crab is a MUST! 7/18/2017 by i3klyngirl. thanks . I’m so glad we did! I will unfortunately be moving from the Bay Area soon, and so I'd like to learn to make them myself. Thanh Long and its more famous sister restaurant, Crustaceans, are famous for one thing…their Garlic Roasted Dungeness Crab. 5/26/2017 by Franklin McGruder. . This roasted garlic crab copycat recipe was inspired by Thanh Long in San Francisco and Crustacean in Beverly Hills, California. Seonkyoung August 20, 2017 at 1:15 am. I like them without the cheese though. Dungeness crabs were about a 12" wide and served on a platter with the leg sections cut apart. I’ve since discovered that the recipe is probably inspired by 純苔 小橋川 November 24, 2018 I LOVE the garlic noodles & I HATE garlic!! 101 Judah St (between 46th Ave & 47th Ave) San Francisco, CA 94122. I grew up in San Francisco, living less than a mile from Thanh Long, a small Vietnamese restaurant, that became famous for their garlic noodles and crab. It was love at first sight. The garlic noodles with crab from Thanh Long is my boyfriend’s FAVORITE dish. Super delicious. These are AMAZING. I had dined at Thanh Long in San Francisco many years ago and really enjoyed the garlic noodles and roasted crab, but it’s not until this week that I reacquainted myself with them. Oh how I love their butter dripping, garlic staggering roasted Dungeness crab and noodles. So happy to hear that!! Thanh Long restaurant is run by the same family who owns Crustacean (L.A. and S.F.) The rice is not necessary if you are having the noodles (a little too many carbs), but I like to drizzle my rice with the crab’s embedded seasoning of garlic, black pepper, butter, and secret spices. I love the garlic noodles from Thanh long and these are just as good if not better! They also branched out to other sister restaurants – Crustaceans. Apr 11, 2012 - We are reviewing Thanh Long in San Francisco! If you’ve ever had Thanh Long/Crustacean roast crab and garlic noodles, you know that they are heaven on a plate, totally yummy, artery clogging, butter and garlic and crab deliciousness. The garlic noodles and the roasted crab is a MUST! A heaping platter of thick. Reply. Home of the original Garlic Noodle and Roast Crab Reply. 2/10/2017 by Michael Alderete. Roasted Garlic Crab. Now that these noodles have entered my life, there was no way I could live without them. Check out our Thanh Long Garlic Noodles Recipe and Roasted Garlic Crab Recipe that you can cook at home Thanks, I appreciate it! My husband and I went to this place to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Yes, I agree that Thanh Long doesn't have the most authentic Vietnamese food, but I still love their garlic noodles. I use linguine and it is delicious. Of course, no visit is complete without sampling the famous roast crab or the garlic-infused noodles. 3/3/2017 by Mike Hardin. Finally, our roasted crab arrived with garlic noodles and a bowl of rice. Their snooty sister restaurant, Crustacean, also serves crab, but the relaxed atmosphere of Thanh Long is more conducive to getting down and dirty with crab. Crab and noodles. Never heard of the restaurant. This secret is not a joke for Thanh Long owners. The problem is that the crab is upwards of $40, and the noodles another $10 or so, so dinner here isn’t cheap at the best of times. Roasted garlic crab and garlic noodle is a scrumptious seafood dish that will make you drool. This time, the location wasCrustacean Beverly Hills; the dishes ordered were roasted crab, grilled tiger prawns with garlic noodles, and Maine lobster with garlic On New Years Eve in 2012, Karl and I went to Thanh Long in San Francisco for dinner. Please follow and like us: May 16, 2012 ; First off, this place gets packed so do make a reservation. Thread in 'Recipes' Thread starter Started by moe, Start date Feb 13, 2002; Feb 13, 2002 #1 moe. Their Crab & Cream Cheese Rangoons are delicious as well as the White Asparagus soup . When I opened up the menu, one item instantly caught my eye – garlic noodles. In 1975, when the entire family arrived after fleeing the Communist take-over of South Vietnam, Diana's quaint establishment became the beginning of the now multi-million dollar restaurant … Trust me. Elizabeth An describes them … Thank you for the recipe, its a definite keeper! Amazing. I am definitely trying out this recipe. It consists of a lot of butter and a lot of garlic. Where are you? Pros: Delicious crab!, Garlic noodles, Decent service. Many places have developed their own riff off of Mama An’s famed crab and noodles (including yours truly) but I’ll always have a soft spot for the old nostalgic and original Thanh Long … Roasted crab. i hope this one works out for you! Don’t expect to just show up and get a table.