Amethyst Crystal Anklet Barefoot Sandal Set



This Amethyst Crystal Barefoot sandal set features comfortable stretch loop to easily put around the middle toe. Any stretching that occurs while you put the sandals on will quickly return to its original shape.

 ♥ Concentration♥ Memory ♥ Lifts depression♥  Headache and reduce fears. ♥  Calming♥ ♥Clarity ♥ harmony♥ Protection ♥

♥ Reduce negative energies, such as rage, hatred, guilt, sorrow, pain and grief ♥ Encouraging acceptance of loss ♥

♥ Hormone Regulation♥ Blood pressure regulating ♥ Blood cleanser ♥ Soothing♥  Digestive system ♥ Healthy hair ♥

♥ Cleanse under the flow of luke-warm running water. Excessive exposure to sunlight is not recommended ♥


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