Citrine Crystal Hath Panja Bracelet with Lava Diffuser Beads



This Crystal Hath Panja includes Citrine crystal and lava diffuser beads. Hath Panja bracelet features comfortable stretch loop to easily put around the middle finger. Any stretching that occurs while you put the bracelets on will quickly return to its original shape. For ease and comfortable wear all day.

♥ Directions: Simply place a drop of essential oil directly onto the lava rock(s). Allow oil to absorb or rub in gently.

♥Essential oil blends Available in shop ♥

Citrine~ Good luck ♥ Prosperity ♥Skin relief♥ Emotional Balance ♥ Chemical Re-balancing♥ anti-nausea ♥ Protects against negativity ♥ Sunshine and happiness ♥ Dissipates and transmutes negative energy ♥

Citrine is one of the two minerals on the planet that does not hold and accumulate negative energy ♥


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