Labradorite~Tigers Eye Crystal Anklet Barefoot Sandal Set



These Barefoot Sandals Feature stretchy design to fit around your ankle and middle or second toe. Any stretching that occurs when you gently put on your jewelry will quickly return to its original shape for easy all day wear.

Labradorite ~ mystical stone protector♥   energies of both the Sun and the Moon♥  success ♥    quality of life♥ Helps develop novel ideas and promotes innovations♥  Awakens Intuition ♥ Prevents unnecessary loss of energy of etheric body♥

Tigers Eye ~ stone of protection ♥  stabilizing ♥   grounding ♥   integrity♥   willpower ♥  self-confidence♥   practicality ♥   correct use of  power ♥ prosperity ♥  safe travel♥  Clarity ♥


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