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Superfoods! Superfoods?

Nutrient rich foods containing an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and polyphenols, Yes Please! Thank goodness for superfoods because without them being healthy would take so much more time! Who doesn’t want more nutrients in their life? But honestly eating 10 heads of broccoli a day seems a bit ridiculous right? Superfoods make eating healthy easier because you need less and usually get way more benefits and it is so much quicker!Join me in discovering new ways to eat delicious food as well as experiment to find flavorful new combinations utilizing ingredients from around the world.

Raw Revelations is one of my favorite places to get my superfoods .  Raw Revelations has sustainably sourced, fair trade, amazing quality superfoods from all over this sweet planet. After seeing such positive results from changing my diet (chronic asthma since childhood gone!) I began searching for a delicious new and more efficient way to keep the healthy food going. One day I was wishing there was a place that had all of my favorite exotic superfood ingredients. In my searching for such a place I  came across a gem in Murrieta, Ca. It just so happens that this wonderful place had been around the corner from my home at the time. I am so glad to have the opportunity to experience their tonic bar in person. Many people who have been dedicated Raw Revelations patrons through farmers markets and online around the country , have never been to the tonic and elixir bar. Its worth an adventure trip I assure you!

Although it is difficult to choose a favorite product there are some amazing signature blends that I absolutely can not live without ( click the Name of each product to check out the sweet ingredients!):

  1. Latte Fix!

One of my first loves discovered at Raw Revelations was coffee fix (which is in the latte fix) before the latte fix mix was even an idea. Latte fix is so delicious and I like to make it “bulletproof” style with nice healthy fats ( ghee,grass fed butter,MCT or coconut oil). It is marketed towards “weight-loss”  but I like to think of it as healthy weight regulating. It supports healing in various parts of your body in order to get things running like they should in balance and a “side effect” is weight-loss if your body was holding on to anything extra. The way it is balanced helps balance you! Latte Fix beverage mix  is a well balanced food and remedies many things that can be “off” from the many stresses to our body throughout the day(including coffee). It tastes good, it makes you feel optimal and it is amazing for your health.  Replacing coffee was not my intention when I first started purchasing latte fix, I actually put it in coffee sometimes as I love the flavor, but goodness knows I do not need the caffeine. I prefer the original formula with whey protein, but there is also now a vegan version that is maybe just a lick less creamy but equally as delicious.

2.Bag of Tricks!

Yes it sure is! A nice bag of tricks! A healthy bag of tricks! I love this because it is yet another blend that you can mix into smoothies(or whatever beverage you blend in the morning with stuff. The blends are ready to scoop into your recipe and go. I used to have all my favorite herbs and superfoods separate, which not only can contribute to waste(overly enthusiastic package opening),but also takes extra seconds that we might not always have. To have them pre mixed and ready to use is very helpful. Yay! Bag of Tricks

3. MSM morning mix !

GOOD MORNING! Wake up on whatever side of the bed you want but start your day right with this pepper upper. Admittedly it is not the most yummy delicious mix in terms of palate but MSM is naturally a bit different compared to our normal everyday diet. For me the warning of tartness was more of a motivation to practice being good to my body, rather than an intimidating turn off. I fell in love with this energizing super mix as soon as I tried it for the first time.It is worth the seconds of bitterness for the clean energy and revitalized feeling you experience.

What does it do exactly??! Msm morning mix works so quick within 10-15 minutes I feel less inflammation, goodbye tummy ache, hello hydration ,detox and increase nutrient bio-availability! It is recommended you start the day with MSM morning mix, feel so great you can skip the coffee or make your coffee work better!! If you start your day with this blend, the rest of the day will be more efficient within your body. The water you drink will be more easily used by your body cells and necessary function. Many people drink a lot of water but its not actually hydrating them! AH! Nutrients from your food also are more useful if your body actually gets the most of it. Who wants to eat healthy food and take supplements when your body is not even able to incorporate it in your body functions? Not I!

I could go on forever, the truth is I love all Raw Revelations products. Check out their easy to navigate website and search by condition to find something amazing that you will love and that will make you feel amazing!!

~~Raw Revelations Superfoods~~